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Sunbeam Alpine

This is my Sunbeam Alpine. It is a 1965 Series V model.

There is something really neat about this car, I can't quite put my finger on it but whatever it is, there is just something really fun and appealing about this little British car. It also happens to be one of the few cars I own that my wife really likes. I mean really likes...well there's also our VW Westfalia that she likes, but all of the others she just puts up with.

Back in the day

You really don't see Sunbeam Alpines (or even Sunbeam Tigers) on the road much these days. I remember when I was a kid I used to see them around town, along with other unique cars like the Citroen, or Opel GT. Ah heck I used to see Jaguar E types on the road quite a bit back then. Ah....days gone by.

Did you notice the pack of Sunbeam Alpines in one of the pics above? That pic was from a Sunbeam owners club gathering quite a few years ago at my friend Jerry's house. There were some great cars present that day. Quite a few were customized. About 3 or so Ford V6 conversions showed up, there was even an early Series car with a Datsun engine in it if I remewmber correctly.

So these cars still exist, and are enthustically enjoyed as well.

Time for a new home

Well, after 10 years in this wonderful home it is time to move. I've had the Sunbeam since before this house, and would love to bring her to the new house but I've got too many project cars and not enough time to enjoy them all. So maybe I should think about letting her go to a new and different home where she can be brought to life even more with a new owner.

Here are some latest pics of her after pulling her out of storage and doing a quick wash. The top is pretty much toast, cracked and very brittle. The paint still looks fantastic except for some lower areas which were always more of an undercoat finish rather than a nice glossy topcoat type of finish. I think those could easily be sanded down and painted over.

The bad

The interior is very unfinished, I never did re-upholster the Fiero seats I put into her and the carpet kit needs to be tacked down in a few places. The once beautiful wood steering wheel needs refinishing.

Hmm...what else, the battery cable needs to have both battery post fittings re-installed or better yet replaced with a newer ones. The ground strap in particular should be replaced.

She's a project car for sure, but man she won't take much to really catch everyone's eye and put a smile on your face since she's so unique.